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Roy saves the day. A day at the beach.

In this story I am a professional surfer. Disaster strikes but luckily Roy comes to my rescue.
Jetta was settled under the beach umbrella. It was a warm and sunny day. The clouds formed curious shapes as they danced through the sky. She watched as I caught a perfect wave, the white foam lapping around my board. 

 I was just about to catch the second wave of the day. This was the biggest surfing contest in Australia. Many of the top surfers had traveled from far around the globe for this event.

 The wave came and I prepared to catch the perfect tube when disaster struck. The huge monster wave dumped me on a sandbank. As I surfaced I saw my board floating in pieces on the green ocean. I felt sad and disillusioned, like a sand crab getting caught in a trap.

 As I staggered out of the water, pieces of my board in hand I noticed Roy Orbison standing on the waters edge.

 “Bad luck about that last wave” Roy said. “I hope you have a spare board so you can continue in the competition That first ride was brilliant”.

 Sadly, I informed Roy that this was the only board I possessed.

 “Shame about that said Roy, damned shame. Wish there was something I could do to help you.”

 I looked him up and down, “maybe there is” I said. “Can you come back with me to my car. I have an idea”.

 We arrived back at my car and I opened the boot. Inside were hundreds of rolls of cling film. Its transparent softness glistened in the midday sun. “If you allow me to wrap you in cling film then maybe I can ride you to victory “I said.

 Roy stood motionless for a few moments and then replied, “OK .”

 I started at his ankles and performed a circular dance around Roy, making sure not to get any sand caught between him and the cling film. Roy glistened like a Grecian Adonis. The sun sparkling on his transparent form.

 Gracefully I tucked Roy under my arm and ran back down to the beach just as they were calling my name. I lay Roy on his back and amazingly he floated. I positioned myself on top of his cling film capsulated body and paddled out to the breaks.

As I straddled Roy out past the other surfers, I saw her coming. The most immaculate wave was coming my way.This is it Roy” I said

As the wave came closer I could feel the rush of its coolness,” here we go Roy”. As I struggled to stand upon Roy I looked down upon his trademark dark glasses. I could not see if he was frightened or thrilled about what was about to unfold.

As I rode Roy through the icy coldness of the wave I could hear thunderous cheering and clapping from the beach. A huge crowd had gathered to watch me ride the perfect wave on Roy.

Look, is that person riding Roy Orbison? ” I heard from the crowd “ “Yes I think it is” came a reply.

As it turned out I won the contest and was presented with a huge trophy. As I delivered my speech I turned to thank Roy for coming to my rescue. But he was no where to be seen. He had hoped away while I had been caught up in the excitement of the moment.

I felt sad and alone. Only Jetta was with me to share my moment.

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