CHRISTMAS-STYLE HANDJOBZZZZ (brosephina) wrote in roy_inclingfilm,

Doctor Octopus Wraps Roy in Cling-Film

I was enjoying a nice vacation to New York City, with Jetta sitting comfortably in my newly-purchased Loius Vuitton handbag. We were going to see the Roy Orbison rock star concert show at the Statue of Liberty, and I was very excited.

"Jetta, this is the Statue of Liberty." I said. Jetta said nothing.

We got off the ferry, and climbed into her head. Inside, Roy Orbison was no where to be seen. However, there was a great deal of panic, because Doctor Octopus was fighting Spider-man, who was using his own incredible wrapping abilities with his web fluid.

Somehow, as if he knew, Doctor Octopus pointed to me and said, "You, wrap Roy Orbison up in something, because he is my hostage."

I knew what to do. I gently placed Jetta on a vacant chair, and out of my Land's End backpack, I pulled a roll of cling-film. My hands trembled.

"Mr. Orbison, if I may."

"Ach. Do what you must."

I nodded, and deftly wrapped Roy in strong cling-film. I looked jealously at Doctor Octopus, with that many arms, wrapping Roy in cling-film would be so fast! However, perhaps I do not want it wrap Roy fast.

I was finally done, and Doctor Octopus had thrown Spider-man away like so much red and blue rubbish. He turned to me.

"Do you have anymore cling-film?" He asked. He seemed impressed with my wrapping skills.

"Yes." I said. "It is in my Land's End backpack." A metal tentacle reached in and pulled out another roll of silvery cling-film, and with the speed of an octopus, or perhaps the spider he hates so much, he wrapped me in cling-film. Then he used more cling-film, to bind me to Roy.

"Hello." I said to him.

"Hello. Your terrapin looks quite fashionable." Roy said to me.

For many hours, Doctor Octopus negotiated with the police, until he finally left. Roy and I were alone for some time, and then the police came up the statue. They cut us apart.

"Well, Roy, it appears that your concert will not happen." I said.

"Here." Roy handed me two tickets. "I have a rain date and next time I will be performing in Germany. This way, you won't have to travel as far."

I said thank you to him, but by then the police had taken him to bring him somewhere safe.

I went back to Germany with Jetta, who was pleased that she was given a ticket as well.
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