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Insert Coin

Roy Orbison's adventures at Disney Land.

Roy Orbison approached me one day whilst I was visiting Disney Land.

'Hello.' Said Roy. He was wearing a smart bomber jacket and a pair of faded denim shorts.

'Hello.' Said I. I was intrigued by his snazzy attire. My terrapin coughed softly as she admired Roy's coiffure.

Roy took his trademark dark glasses and polished them with a monogrammed handkerchief. 'This is certainly a joyful place.' He said.

I nodded, smiling slightly. 'Indeed.'

'Would you please join me as I partake of the log flume?' He asked.

'Most certainly.' I responded.

We sat in a log, which slowly made its way through the log. As we descended in the climax of the ride, we were both soaked by the resultant wave.

'That was certainly depressing.' I said while patting down my moist hair.

'Truly it was.' Said Roy.

'Although it would be much better for us if we were wrapped in clingfilm, to wick the water away from us like a personal non-stick coating.'

'I agree wholeheartedly.' Said He.

I removed from my duffel bag a slender roll of clingfilm. I slowly wound it around Roy's body, beginning with his extremities and joining the segments at his torso. I then wrapped more film around his chest, finishing at his neck. He was covered everywhere but his head.

'You have a gift for wrapping with clingfilm.' Said Roy. Bashfully I smiled and said nothing.

Again we mounted a log and rode the flume. This time Roy was kept nicely dry by the clingfilm.

'I thank you for this filmy armor you have given me, friend.' Said He. 'However, I must remove it and be on my way now.'

'I must refuse.' I said. I added more and more clingfilm to his wrapping until he could no longer move. Then I lifted him over my shoulder and carried him out of the park.

'I insist that you put me down.' Said Roy. I merely chuckled.

'Roy, I cannot. You are a gift for my children.' I said. I gently placed him in the back seat of my car, and I drove home.

My children were delighted. They had always wanted their very own Roy Orbison in Clingfilm Action Figure.
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