Degenerate Albino Troll (dograbbit) wrote in roy_inclingfilm,
Degenerate Albino Troll

Roy Orbison wrapped in clingfilm vs.

it always happen the same way "if I looking for frog," man in black say, "him name hopkin green frog." ps. if I looking for terrapin. she name jetta. who found my terrapin. who took my terrapin.

"wrap that terrapin in cling-film or it go badly with you," man in black say. him voice make me shiver. who wrap terrapin?

man in black looking for frog. if him look for frog. if him look for frog. who found my clingfilm. if him look for frog. I look for wrapping man in black. him man in black ganz angry with terrapin. Ps. terrapin ate frog. also. it always happen the same way.

"wrap terrapin in cling film or it go bad for terrapin," booming voice say.

if I looking for man in black. him name roy orbison. who found my roy orbison. I pretend wrap jetta but. who pounce on roy orbison. me pounce on roy oribison.

who ran away. "if I run away. my name jetta terrapin."

"ps. you are now completely wrappin in clingfilm" man in black wrap completely. who wrap my roy. i wrap my roy.

ps. I'll find my terrapin.
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